Kandu group

Spokz is one of eight founding members of the Kandu Group.

Having found each other by using each others products and services - we're all disabled ourselves (or in Mountain Trike's case, friends of someone with a disability) - we each realised we like the cut of each others jibs. We've all poured so much time and energy into building up our own reputations, that we could see good products and customer service a mile off. So it only seemed natural to join together in a network which offers our customers the benefit of confidence and greater knowledge and ourselves the benefits of friends and support. We are:

  • Spokz
  • DisabledGear.com - The place to buy and sell second hand disabilty equipment online
  • Spokz People - 1-2-1 & Group Support for People with Physical Disabilities
  • Mountain Trike - The All Terrain Wheelchair Company
  • Trabasack - The Lap Tray Bag People 
  • Active Hands - Gripping Aids for People with Limited Dexterity
  • Standing Start - Active Rehabilitation for People with Spinal Cord Injury


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Eight disability entrepreneurs have come together to launch a business network group on Wednesday hoping to boost their position in a tough market and offer their customers the benefits of greater openness and innovative problem-solving products and services.

The network is bringing together six people with Spinal Cord Injuries, a wife of a spinal cord injured man, and two friends who wanted to share their passion for outdoor adventure with a friend with a disability. In the group are eight disability companies. They offer many products and services including the innovative one-arm wheelchair drive, wheelchair jeans, gripping aids for people with limited dexterity, specialist disability counselling and active rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries.

“Being disabled makes running a business much harder. By joining together we are finding ways to overcome many problems so we can achieve more. We push hard to create practical changes. It works because we are user-led. Our products and services come from personal experiences of disability and have won many awards,” says Steve Dent, 36, MD of Spokz – a tetraplegic since a freak accident aged 10, whe

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