Spokz Momentum Fingerless Wheelchair Pushing Gloves

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Main Characteristics

  • Black Only
  • Fingerless
  • Tackified Palm - impregnated leather palm gives great grip
  • Wrist Strap - Strong velcro wrist strap holds gloves in place
  • Leather Thumb - Impregnated leather covers the thumb to aid grip against wheel rim and prolongs life of gloves

Product Description

We are delighted, and excited, to introduce our new FINGERLESS pushing glove, the Momentum.

These gloves replace the Original Receiver gloves we used to sell and we feel ´raise the bar´ in quality and design.

A tackified palm and thumb give great grip on push rims.

Designed to fit tightly against the skin, these gloves give hands flexibility and sensitivity allowing use in many different areas without being over ´bulky´.

We hope you like them as much as we do and welcome any feedback.
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Spokz Momentum Wheelchair Pushing Gloves
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In stock

Product Reviews

Solid gloves
By Charl (14 Jul, 2017)
I have had a pair of these for almost two years and have been using them on and off for the last year. I spend most of my day in my manual chair. The grip is great, even in Winter when temps drop into despicable regions of the scales up here in the furthest north in the UK. They are now totally shredded but, I would not have any complaints as they have lasted very well with heavy use for at least 12 Months in all kinds of weather. If they do get wet, however, I recommend not forcing a dry out such as putting them on a heater but, just leave them to dry out on their own. Two sets could be an answer for most folk. They do last, they are grippy and I have no trouble tying complicated fishing knots with them on. :)
Great product, but not very durable
By Matt (23 Jan, 2016)
Love the way these feel and play, protect my dominant pushing hand really well. Only complaint is that they wear out with an average of four two-hour sessions. Can't really afford to drop £200 a year on gloves, I'd rather the blisters!
Love these gloves
By Andy (28 Oct, 2015)
These are the best gloves that I've come across so far, there comfortable and have helped to reduce the callouses on my hand. I do agree with the comment that the thumbs wear through quickly, on my first pair this happened but I've found that keeping my thumb nails cut very short my last pair of gloves have lasted better. I would like to suggest that thumb tips be made from a thicker leather as even with very short nails heavy work on the push rims dose take its toll on the leather. Even with this criticism I'm back to buy 2 new pairs
By Jo Jones
As a wheelchair user I have gone through my fair share of gloves, the majority of which have offered little grip and have stretched and worn through very quickly. I was recommended these by a friend but was unsure what size to get so I contacted spokz to find out which size was best - I gave them my hand measurements and they recommended which size to get. They arrived promptly and fitted perfectly. They offer excellent grip and are of a high quality and unlike other gloves they are not very bulky so I don´t have to keep taking them on and off to do fiddly things like buttons! Overall - excellent customer service and a high quality product that I would definitely recommend! :-)
By Grumpy crip
Why do I wear cloves? I was fed up of my hands being permanently engrained with dirt and having a velcro like texture, I felt embarrassed when shaking hands with people! I have tried many makes of cloves all of which had zero feel and grip and wore out extremely quickly. These cloves tick all the boxes, feel, grip and longevity. This product is pitched at the right price and the customer service is world class. Do yourself a favour, stop reading the reviews and buy a pair!
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