Joelette One-Wheeled All-Terrain Chair

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Main Characteristics

  • The single 16" aluminium wheel comfortably traverses the narrowest and rockiest trails
  • Fitted with a drum brake and hydropneumatic shock absorber for optimum comfort and safety
  • Cushioned seat and armrests
  • Adjustable footrests and headrest (for use with both adults and kids)
  • When stationary, the stays stably planted on its 3-way extendable legs with anti-sinkage discs
  • Fully foldaway, it fits easily into a car boot
  • Easy transfer from the wheelchair by removing one arm on the Joëlette
  • Possibility to fit an adaptive seat brace
  • Frame in mechanically-welded steel tubing, some of which are in sturdy yet lightweight High Yield Strength steel
  • Surface-treated (polyester powder coating)
  • Safety seatbelt
  • Height: 0.60 m – Length: 2.3 m – Width: 0.60 m – Weight:
  • 26 kg

Product Description

With Joëlette, you can take off anywhere. Whether you are into trekking hard or just wandering along with partners, friends and family effort-free.

The Joëlette is a one-wheeled all-terrain chair manoeuvred by two volunteer sherpas' that enables even the most heavily mobility-challenged children or adults (muscular dystrophy sufferers, multiple sclerosis sufferers, quadriplegics) to get involved in hiking.

The Joëlette empowers you to:
- get involved in group activities: with friends, family, community groups...
- explore previously inaccessible outdoor spaces
- get out and about, enjoy a change of scenery
- discover the great outdoors
- take part in adventure courses, compete in trek races, and more...

Available in 3 configurations, the standard Joelette, the Joelette Twin and the eJoelette.

TheTwin kit opens up access to moderate-difficulty hiking trails by freeing you of much of the constraints tied to keeping balance. Its patented trim correction system keeps ride traction even while smoothing out the ride over trail obstacles like holes, bumps, exposed roots, outslopes, and so on.

The kit is adaptable to the classic one-wheel model of the Joelette. The two wheels ensure the lateral balance and the actuators compensate the uneven terrain for optimal comfort. See the video below:

The eJoelette kit provides electrical powered mobility aid enabling the passenger to partner friends and family on effort-free hikes.
Adaptable to all Joëlette models, the built-in accelerator offers progressive acceleration climbing up to a top speed of 6 km/h. Enables you to hike battery-powered for between 2 and 4 hours depending on the climb.
Charge-up time is around 3 hrs, with each battery pack delivering 1,500
to 2,000 cycles.
Furthermore, the system switches automatically to freewheel whenever
the electrical power delivery is off.
The kit features swingshaft, spoked wheel with disc brake, brake calliper plus bracket, accelerator, controller, battery pack, battery charger, and short-circuit-contact brake lever.
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